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Update from I.C.E. during COVID-19

Dear friend of I.C.E.,

We would like to update you regarding I.C.E.’s activities in this time of Covid19. We understand that connection and communication is more important than ever. While we are encouraging I.C.E. participants to practice social distancing and stay home where they can, we are staying connected with our communities. 

We are delivering our programs – remotely and safely and via technology. We know different projects and different communities will be best suited to different options  – so after consulting with our communities, we will trial what seems to be the best option, and then review our work frequently. Starting with Zoom, WhatsApp, Instagram live and Discord, we already have some great options. Who knows? We might discover altogether new platforms to work on. 

Morgan Graham is using Zoom to brainstorm needs with the New Age Noise Collective and the Barbershop cohorts – they’re favouring Zoom, Twitch and Discord. Victoria Harbutt is discussing live streaming with the Abel Tasman Village team and Yamane Fayed’s Sewing Hub participants are staying connected via WhatsApp. Barry Gamba is conducting screen project development meetings using Zoom, and exploring live streaming and webinar components for Produce Perfect workshops.

We will work with our participants to ensure that we continue to collaborate, connect and create things together, in a way that is accessible, enjoyable, creative and relevant. That cliche about the cloud and the silver lining comes to mind – we will have fun and together we will be building for the future! 

If you’re involved in a current project at I.C.E., you will hear from us soon about planning this together. If you’re one of our fans out in the world, stay tuned to our social media and mailing list and we will get in touch with ways we will bring our outcomes straight to your home!

In the meantime, stay home if you can, call on your elders and those who are vulnerable to check in on them, we will be doing the same. 

From all of us here at I.C.E., stay safe.

Best wishes,


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