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Black Lives Matter

Our hearts are with those fighting for justice and accountability in the US. We also acknowledge that racialised police injustice is not an issue exclusive to the US.

Here, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders face the highest incarceration rates globally (1), with over 400 Blak deaths in custody since the royal commission in 1991(2).

Below is a list of anti-racist resources, places you can donate, ways you can act.
We encourage others who have a platform to consider how they occupy online space at the moment.

#BlackLivesMatter #BlakLivesMatter

Change the record

Healing foundation

Human Rights Law Centre


Anticolonial Asian Alliance

Black Lives Matter Sydney Rally

Australia Still Turns a Blind Eye to Aboriginal People Dying in Police Custody- Celeste Liddle

Australia had its own George Floyd moment, only it passed without international outrage

George Floyd Memorial Fund

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Sisters Inside – Free Her

FBi Anti-Racism Resources

A really comprehensive list of resources



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