New Age Noise, a Western Sydney collective for women, trans and non-binary artists, drop their first compilation album. - Information & Cultural Exchange

New Age Noise, a Western Sydney collective for women, trans and non-binary artists, drop their first compilation album.

New Age Noise Collective’s first compilation tape “Constellation” is dropping on 25 June, 2020. The compilation features nine tracks spanning genres from experimental, DIY, ambient, and gutter rap.

This album is a milestone step forward for both the collective and for Western Sydney music. The album features music from women and non-binary people and is a testament to the depth of talents to be explored and supported in Western Sydney.

“Constellation” features nine very individual tracks, from ethereal beginnings in Vicky Zeng’s demo, “Grow” to Biggie Deez’, staunch, gutter rap, “Spaced Out”. The album takes a more meditative, cosmic turn in Aishani Kochar’s “Space is a Vacuum” and speeds back up with artison’s, “Nitrous Bliss” described by the artist as “cowboy bebop”. Alessandra Arias pulls on the heart strings with her grungy track, “Move On”. We are catapulted into industrial electronica with Del Lumanta and Milkffish’s “Gimmick City”. Okuesha Kills’ “Destroying It” is both ambient and visceral. Georgia Marley’s indie-folk tune, “Abstract Symmetry”, captures a moment of self reflection. The sublime minimalism of Nicola Morton’s ‘Breakin Da Bush’ closes out this stellar set.

Information + Cultural Exchange’s Youth Producer, Morgan Graham, said, “With ‘Constellation’, we have artists who have shared with us their very first recorded track alongside artists who have just released EPs and albums. This compilation celebrates the spectrum of music coming out of Western Sydney, and we’re so stoked to see it go out into the world.”

The New Age Noise Collective is a group of 14 young people currently working to establish a Parramatta-based label and booking agency focussed on profiling and showcasing artists from the Western Sydney region.

The Collective is directly addressing the need for opportunity and representation of female-identifying, non-cis male, transgender and non-binary musicians and artists from Western Sydney with the intent to generate better visibility and opportunity for young people from diverse backgrounds in an industry that is historically male-dominated.

Artists who appear on the release have been developing their style, working on their skills and learning how to produce, perform and record at Information + Cultural Exchange in Parramatta through the New Age Noise project.

The exclusive launch will be streamed live on Instagram on Thursday, 25 June at 8pm.

New Age Noise: Constellation is now available to buy on tape, CD and electronic download.

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For media enquiries please contact: Claudia Roosen, [email protected] / 02 8821 9151

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