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Nina Gotsis – Club Weld Musician Making Waves

Nina Gotsis is a member of I.C.E.’s program for neurodiverse musicians, Club Weld. Recently, she released her first EP of original songs – Music Colours. She says “I’ve been writing music for 15 years, and I’m very happy that people can listen to these songs on CD and in performances.” 

Nina honed her interest in classical and distinctive chord progressions as well as strumming patterns by spending hours learning how to play guitar in her upstairs bedroom in her old home in Sydney’s Bardwell Park.

Club Weld’s lead facilitator, singer-songwriter Sam Worrad, says of Nina’s talent and experience:

“Nina is a songwriter and musician who is influenced by country, pop and the beauty of the natural world. Nina was a member of the Junction House band with Lindy Morrison (Go-Betweens), and after the band ceased she continued to write prolifically.”

Vocals and guitars on Music Colours feature Nina with acclaimed Sydney musicians Sam Worrad (Holy Soul) and Toby Martin (Youth Group), with additional vocals by Sonia Zadro (Hotel). The drummer on the EP is Kate Wilson (Holy Soul), with the Mediterranean sounds of Crete offered by George Xylouris (Xylouris White) playing the masia and violin & Apollonia Xylouris (Bandidas) on outi. 

Apollonia Xylouris also collaborated with Nina on the EP’s cover art, and describes Nina’s songs as “bringing us vivid imagery of nature’s peaceful movement, its colours and sounds, above and below.”

Music Colours was produced by Aria nominated Producer, Chris Hamer-Smith, in the Delta 88 studio as part of I.C.E.’s Bring A Brick Western Sydney music initiative. Chris has produced a number of Club Weld releases, including Jerrah Patston’s Rain Is Falling (2019) and Charbel Nehme’s Take That Chance, due for release October this year. 

A music video of Frozen River, the second track off the EP, by award winning video artist Helena Papageorgiou, premiered on the TroubleJuice music website last week. Watch it now at Nina Gotsis – Frozen River

You can also watch Nina, Toby and Sam performing Endless Country live in a pre-lockdown Sydney show at the Koutouki venue. 

I.C.E. is committed to increasing the visibility, access and integration of talented people with disability into the arts and Australian cultural life, particularly through Club Weld, a non-therapy based program. Club Weld promotes the musical talents of neurodiverse musicians as mainstream artists and recording residencies with major institutions, including the Opera House.

Find out more about Club Weld at You can buy or purchase a digital download of the CD via You can also check out Music Colours on Spotify courtesy of ABC Music.

Music Colours cover art – a collaboration between Apollonia Xylouris and Nina Gotsis
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