West Sydney — The Remix boosts fresh talent in lockdown-proof competition - Information & Cultural Exchange

West Sydney — The Remix boosts fresh talent in lockdown-proof competition


In a competition designed to withstand the constraints of hard lockdown, this September, Information and Cultural Exchange (I.C.E.) invites musicians to create new tracks. Artists are invited to remix, chop and twist original tracks provided by artist CHASM, to create new and inspiring beats.

CHASM (Chris Hamer-Smith), is partnering with I.C.E. to amplify the volume of local music producers.

Five artists will be selected to have their track released on a West Sydney – The Remixes compilation. Twice nominated Aria artist CHASM (Chris Hamer-Smith) will choose the winning entrants, along with I.C.E.’s associate producer, Chris Sammut (founder, Repressed Records), Reg Harris (Music Director, FBi Radio) and producer, Youth Engagement Programs, Morgan Graham. Entries open on 17 September. Artists wishing to enter the competition can email [email protected] for the tracks and stems. The winners will be announced shortly and their tracks shared through I.C.E.’s social media platforms.

Producer, Youth Engagement, Morgan Graham explained how the project provides a pathway for the talented artists of Western Sydney. “This project is a really exciting opportunity for Western Sydney musicians to sink their teeth into production.”

“There has always been an incredibly exciting undercurrent of innovation, boundary pushing and experimentation in
Western Sydney music and I’m beyond thrilled to be able to offer up opportunities for musicians to work with tracks
from one of Sydney’s mainstays of electronic music production,” Morgan said.

Anne Loxley, Executive Director, Information and Cultural Exchange, spoke of the importance of supporting Western
Sydney creatives in the context of hard lockdown.

“This is a really terrible time for all artists who perform live. This project is an offering to the many talented early career musicians of Western Sydney.”


CHASM (Chris Hamer-Smith) has been involved in the music industry for over fifteen years as a producer, mixer, recording artist and DJ. He has produced two Aria nominated albums with his group Astronomy Class and has produced, mixed, remixed and recorded a plethora of acts from Thundamentals to Hilltop Hoods, Emma Donovan, 360, DJ NinoBrown, Starley, The Bamboos, Elizabeth Rose, Ash Grunwald and Natalie Slade.

For all finished tracks that you wish to submit please upload your MP3 to google drive or dropbox and email your link to [email protected] by 18 October 2021.

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