I.C.E. will be a global leader for cultural change and social action through the intersection of community creativity and cultural production.
Work with vulnerable communities to create art (and training as needed) driven by the intersection of creativity, technology, multi-artform engagement and production.
To transform and enrich Western Sydney by co-creating authentic, locally made community art that impact personally and resonates globally.
Creativity changes communities and delivers creative opportunity, cultural empowerment and cohesion.



Established in 1984, I.C.E. works specifically with disadvantaged, vulnerable and emerging Western Sydney communities, artists and creative producers. We create art, amplify Community Cultural Development, build community capacity and enhance cultural vibrancy.

I.C.E. began by running mobile information services to local communities. We shifted focus in 1993, initiating Community Cultural Development programs that engaged culturally diverse communities in art activities and ensured access to information and technology. In the late 1990s, responding to community demand for projects engaging with technology, our focus sharpened to encompass the nexus between arts, technology and cultural engagement, and we widened our community reach and creative pathways across Western Sydney.

Critical to our development and impact was the establishment of our Parramatta digital arts facility. Operating since 2010, this facility has enabled I.C.E. to deliver creative production, training and professional development programs to Western Sydney communities, creatives and cultural enterprises; and deliver professional development and employment pathways for emerging artists and cultural workers.

I.C.E. continues to work directly with Western Sydney communities and community-focused artists to generate cultural engagement and activity; and has been responsible for the production and presentation of hundreds of community-based projects. As well as working locally and regionally (across 14 Local Government Areas), we have developed a host of national and international creative projects and partnerships.


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