Bridge Ahoy Downloads

We hope you enjoyed Bridge Ahoy!

As promised, below are the four radio channels available for download.


Bridge Ahoy! Koori Pirate Radio
Devised, created and recorded by Jacinta Tobin
Jacinta Tobin is a Darug woman, and is a songwriter, recording artist, teacher and academic.


Bridge Ahoy! Pirate Radio 
Curated, created and recorded by Victoria Harbutt
Victoria Harbutt is an independent curator/producer of exhibitions and cultural programs whose work often blends visual art. museology, dance, film, music, popular culture, social history and interdisciplinary community engagement.


Bridge Ahoy! Poetry and Curator Radio | Download All Poetry and Curator Radio
Bridge Ahoy! Poetry Radio devised, created and recorded by Candy Royalle
Featuring: Safe and She (written by Candy Royalle 2014)
Candy Royalle is a Sydney based performance artist and poet who fuses cinematic storytelling, poetry and unique vocal rhythms with confronting political and heart thumping content.

Bridge Ahoy! Curator Radio devised and recorded by Glenn Barkley
Glenn Barkley is a Sydney based independent curator, arts writer and commentator, and was previously Senior Curator, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.


Bridge Ahoy! Technical Radio | Download All Technical Radio
Devised and recorded by Bruce Judd
Bruce Judd is a civil engineer and worked with the RTA for 26 years during which time he was involved in the bridge design and construction supervision of numerous structures such as Mooney Mooney Creek Bridge and Superintendent of the ANZAC Bridge. He was also the Project Manager for the Sydney Harbour Tunnel.

Devised and recorded by Hari Kishan
During his 33 years with the RTA, Structural Engineer and Project Manager, Hari Kishan was involved in the design of a number of bridges including for the South Western Freeway. He was also responsible for the maintenance and operation of bridges in the Sydney metropolitan area including the Harbour Bridge.

Devised and recorded by Peter Mould
Peter Mould was NSW Government Architect and General Manager, Government Architect’s Office 2006-2012, and has over 40 years’ experience in Australia and overseas. His projects have received numerous awards including Australian Institute of Architects Awards for architecture, urban design and adaptive reuse.

Devised and recorded by Ross de la Motte
Ross de la Motte is a Principal of HASSELL, and is an architect and landscape architect with expertise in urban design, master planning, transport and infrastructure projects, interpretive design and the rehabilitation of derelict sites. His experience includes projects throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.