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Club Weld has been such an enormous benefit for Jerrah. From public performances to writing and recording his own songs, Jerrah is in his element and looks forward to it every week. So many people have commented on how impressed they are with not only his talent, but the opportunities he has been given and what he’s been assisted to achieve. 

Jerrah has high aspirations for performance and have been realised with the support he receives through Aspect and club weld.
We weren’t sure exactly what this project was about as we began and thought that it would give Jerrah another place to rehearse the covers of songs he had been singing and drumming to when busking. We didn’t really think he would be able to write any new material. But we underestimated the creative processes, the synergy – and Jerrah himself.

Jerrah has really grown as a musician through Club Weld. He now finds original melody lines to thread above the guitar and drum grooves. He is much more confident on the drum kit and experiments with different sounds and rhythms. He has started tinkering on keyboards despite some challenges understanding the details of key signatures and also challenges isolating his finger movements. He is beginning to come up with original material in his busking gigs with other musicians.
Perhaps most of all, Jerrah has grown enormously in his confidence and capacity to participate as a true member of a band. He needs only a limited amount of support each week and easily offers ideas about music and performance details. My guess is that he has been treated with great dignity from the beginning of the venture and he has grown into this space. Perhaps the validation of having his own compositions recorded and workshopped by others has helped him to value his own voice and this has impacted him as a musician but also as a maturing young man. Jerrah’s enthusiasm and joy in his involvement is obvious to anyone who has had any connection with the project.

The experiences of Tuesday mornings give him a genuine topic for conversation when he sees people through the week and a valued role in society. There are many things that Jerrah cannot do but, somehow, music gives him a way to be creative, to make a contribution and to be connected to others. These are priceless gifts.

Jerrah’s father


My daughter, Kate joined Club Weld in 2016 and it has been a fantastic experience for her. Being a young adult on the Autism Spectrum, she has been seeking an opportunity to express her thoughts and feelings through music. in 2016 she produced a song that means so much for her called “Rocking the TV” and in 2017 she participated in the Club Weld Re Mix The House Residency at the Sydney Opera House – her voice can be heard on the track Burn Like a Star.

The program was tailored for her in a special way that drew upon her natural music ability and challenged her as well. The musicians were not only so talented at what they do, but also so encouraging with Kate and understanding of her needs. I highly recommend Club Weld and the fantastic people that organise it and hope Kate can continue her journey through music with them in the future.

​Louise Fleld​


“We are deeply impressed with Club Weld’s creation of an autonomous creative environment,” “We love their emphasis on creation of new work and their high standards in helping these musicians find and realise their vision so it’s a great pleasure for us to host this remarkable project.”

Ben Marshall – Head of Contemporary Music, Sydney Opera House / Curator of VIVID Live.


I like Club Weld because I learn a lot, have fun and it helps me with what I want to do as a musical artist. So far I’ve been played on the radio and my track was made into a music video and was on ABC’s Rage on television. Last year I recorded at the Opera House for Vivid Live.
I feel happy with Club Weld because they are helping a lot with my music.
Thank you

Charbel Nehme.- Club Weld musician


I’m Jerrah Patston and I like Club Weld because of all the music and the styles and the techniques that I’ve learned more about. It improves my music. I play originals and that’s a nice thing to do with the other musicians, so I love going to Parramatta.

Jerrah Patson – Club Weld musician


I was involved in Club Weld on June 8 and 9 in 2017 as a guest mentor for electronic music production during the Club Weld Sydney Opera House studio residency for Vivid LIVE. Over these two days I got to meet a number of participants in CW and check out their music. I accompanied the CW musicians and facilitators on a field recording tour through the various areas of the Opera House and then prepared electronic samples using the field recordings. I also presented on my experiences with field recordings and sample pack creation, as well as the creative utility these samples can have across different musical genres. I provided general feedback on Paolo’s electronic track and collaborated more directly with Jonathan; arranging, mixing and adding to his piece to create a collaborative work. The music created by the CW participants was of a high creative standard and it was a rewarding and productive studio experience. The impression I got from all CW participants was that this was immensely exciting work to be involved in and granted them significant self-esteem in their status as musicians. The approach of the facilitators was exemplary and created a relaxed, comfortable environment in which the CW artists could thrive creatively. I left with an overwhelmingly positive view of the initiative, the musicians and the facilitators involved. From my observations, Club Weld is both personally valuable to the participants and their families, as well as artistically valuable with regards to the quality of the outcome works. I hope to see it continue on a long-term basis. 

Eugene Ward aka DRO CAREY


“We would like to thank Club Weld for the music production program they prepared for our son Jonathan. Not only did it provide Jonathan with deeper knowledge about music production; it also helped him to start exploring his music skills with a more creative sense.  A special thank you from us for giving him the opportunity to participate in the Vivid LIVE program in 2017; it was an eye opening experience for Jonathan!”

From Elena & Daniel Yung


Chris has always been musical, even when he was only a little boy he would sing even though he wouldn’t talk. Often he would play music he liked by ear on a keyboard.
As he got older he still rarely spoke and listening to music and singing remains his greatest joy.
When asked at Aspect what he would like to do, Club Weld is consistently the icon he selects. 

He loves the chance to explore and make music and the chance to sing with a microphone helps him to vocalise more strongly and confidently. It has also given him opportunities to be engaged in the community that he would never otherwise have experienced, such as recording music at the Opera House for Vivid Sydney.

Club Weld is the only activity that Chris is able to attend that caters for his love of music.

Jenny Stiles – Chris’ mother


Club Weld makes wishes come true on a weekly basis. Its’ participants passion and even compulsive reliance on music, make these workshops a shining light in their lives where they are free to create and work on their musical skills. For these families, Tuesdays (Club Weld Days) are the best days of the week. Club Weld offers a unique way of appreciating the talents and passions of its clients offered by no other disability services provider in Western Sydney. It has been a most rewarding experience working with Club Weld, there is a real exchange of creative energies, and a positive change in the clients demeanour after every workshop. Please keep this program going!!

Nicola Morton – Program facilitator


My name is Christopher Sammut. I founded and co-own Repressed Records in Newtown, NSW. We mainly specialise in independent Australian music and have put on our own shows, as well shows at Vivid Sydney and have our own record label.

I have dealt with Samuel Worrad and Jerry Kahale over several years through music they’ve made and released. They are an important part of the Sydney independent music scene, and we would be excited to stock and help promote the music they have been making with Club Weld. It’s unique, exciting and fresh DIY music that I believe would find a niche in the independent and broader music communities. We look forward to working with them in the near future.

Christopher Sammut – Co-Owner of Repressed Records


Club Weld is a unique opportunity for people on the autism spectrum. Run by passionate musicians, Club Weld supports anyone on the spectrum who has an interest or love of music to be part of professional music making.

This fits best practice and modern thinking about autism which recognises and channels a person’s strengths and interests, allowing them to flourish in mainstream settings. I’ve been so encouraged to see how people of all abilities have been included to pursue their musical passions and the outcomes are truly amazing.

This includes published music for sale on major websites as well as opportunities to perform in a range of settings which results in a growth in self-confidence and happiness for participants. I wholeheartedly support any future opportunities to help this type of service grow and develop.

Dr Tom Tutton – National Manager, Aspect Practice