I.C.E. | EOI for Four Year Funding – Australia Council for the Arts


Afro Sistahs (2017 – Ongoing) – Image by Katrina James

I’ve been able to collaborate with some incredibly talented and trailblazing African Australian women and encouraged to step out of my comfort zone by expanding my skill sets, which wouldn’t have been possible without the programs that brought Afro Sistahs to life.
Ebube Uba (Afro Sistahs)

All Girl Electronic (2016 – 2018) – Image by Katrina James

Without the program I would honestly not be where I am today, as an artist, and I would have not had the awesome opportunities I’ve received if it wasn’t for the help of All Girl Electronic.


Club Weld (2016 – Ongoing) – Image by Lyndal Irons

I like Club Weld because I learn a lot, have fun and it helps me with what I want to do as a musical artist. So far I’ve been played on the radio and my track was made into a music video and was on ABC’s Rage on television. Last year I recorded at the Opera House for Vivid Live.
Charbel Nehme (Participant)


Didi’s Tribe (2017 – Ongoing) – Image by Lightplay Photography

I am so proud of our achievement and… feel so lucky to be part of this group!”
Anuradha (project participant)


Barbershop (2016 – Ongoing) – Image by Harold David

Working with the guys has been an honour…Hard work pays off.
Sione (Barbershop participant)
My son is more respectful, organised… cleans his room! Goes to school. He’s out of trouble. He’s happy. I’m happy.
Sione’s Mum


iMaps Parra (2017-18) – Image by Eddie Abd

This was very emotionally attaching for me because I met a lot of mothers, I made friends and the most important thing I learned from here, even after becoming a mother you do have your skills of drawing, speaking and interacting
Mehak (participant)


Kooly Country (2017) – Image by Christian Tancred

I found the experience of sharing stories between elders, youth and people from a variety of backgrounds to be an inspiring and eye opening experience. It brought back nostalgic feelings and memories of being around a campfire with my own family, and really reinforced the significance of storytelling within communities.
Steven (Participant)


Manifesto for Tomorrow (2017 – 2018) – Image still from video work by Marian Abboud


Motel Sisters in Care (2018) – Image by Harold David

They made me two pillows, one glittery, one satin and a cat picture. (I knitted them a scarf each). They were so nice to me. I will never be able to repay this kindness.
Naomi Raju (Abel Tasman Village resident)