Equipment Request Form

Equipment Request Form

All external hirers must fill this form.

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    Hire cancellations must be made a minimum of 5 business days prior to date of hire.
    Cancellations made with less than 5 business day’s notice may be subject to a cancellation
    fee of 10% of the total hire cost.
    The equipment hire fee is to be paid upfront before the equipment is collected. Payment
    can be made via cash or EFTPOS and a receipt will be issued.
    A $100 cash deposit is required for all equipment hired and taken off site. This deposit will
    be refunded to the hirer on return of the undamaged equipment. In the case of equipment
    loss or damage this deposit will not be refunded.
    Photo ID is required to hire equipment. I.C.E. will keep a photocopy of the hirer’s ID for our
    Equipment condition
    The hirer is responsible for the equipment and must ensure it is:
    – Protected from damage, particularly exposure to dust, sand, water and extremes of
    – Operated only by the authorised crew.
    – Stored securely at all times.
    Never leave equipment in a vehicle or unattended for any amount of time.
    Damage or Faults
    The hirer must report any faults, damage or difficulties to I.C.E. as soon as possible.
    The hirer must not attempt to repair or modify any equipment.
    In the case of an insurance claim made by I.C.E. due to loss or damage resulting from their
    hire, the hirer is required to pay the insurance excess. In the case of loss or damage not
    claimed on insurance, the hirer is required to pay repair/replacement costs up to the
    amount of $500.
    Returning the equipment
    All equipment must be returned to I.C.E. on time. Late returns will incur a late fee of $20 per
    item, per day in addition to the daily hire charge. If you wish to extend your hire period,
    contact I.C.E. as soon as possible.
    All batteries must be fully charged when returned.
    Memory cards
    The hirer is responsible for all data gathered while using the equipment. Please make sure
    you remove your data from the memory cards before returning the equipment. I.C.E. will wipe all memory cards and is not responsible for any data that may have been left on the