Eddie Abd

Eddie is the Family Creative Hub Producer. She is an artist, a freelance designer and a facilitator of community cultural development. Eddie has worked on a variety of projects throughout the Western Sydney region specifically engaging and facilitating art with disadvantaged communities (young people, refugees and migrants).
More about Eddie Abd: https://ice.org.au/people/eddie-abd/

Mother’s Spice

Mother’s Spice engaged newly arrived Western Sydney migrant/refugee mothers from Central, South and South East Asia. The project focused on the creative development, production and presentation of a public performance using spices as a trigger to unravel the mothers’ personal narratives and journeys of migration and refuge to Australia via multimedia presentation, interactive performance and degustation.
More about Mother’s Spicehttps://ice.org.au/project/mother-spice/

Yamane Fayed & Anamika Kashore

Yamane is Producer for the Multicultural Women’s Hub; she has worked as an educator in multicultural playgroups and a librarian with a focus on facilitating storytelling and story extension programs for children. Yamane currently works with artists Anamika Kashore and Nicole Lister to deliver the Didi’s Tribe project.
More about Yamane Fayed: https://ice.org.au/people/yamane-fayed/

Didi’s Tribe

Didi’s Tribe (meaning Sister’s Tribe) is a creative product and social enterprise development program for Multicultural women in Western Sydney. The project builds the capacity of participants to create and market bespoke ceramic homewares designed in Indian tribal art forms. The aim of the program is to create career pathways for the women and to reduce social and cultural
More about Didi’s Tribehttps://ice.org.au/project/didis-tribe/




Barry Gamba & Safia Amadou

Barry is I.C.E.’s Screen Cultures Producer, his program focuses on professional development for emerging and established Western Sydney filmmakers, producers and video artists. As part of this development Barry has been working emerging Producer and I.C.E.’s Venue and Reception Officer, Safia Amadou.
More about Barry Gamba: https://ice.org.au/people/barry-gamba/
More about Safia Amadou: https://ice.org.au/people/safia-amadou/

Afro Sistahs and Sapeurs

The Screen Cultures Program works to provide training, mentorship, and builds and broker relationships between Western Sydney filmmakers, content creators and screen industry stakeholders. Emerging Director, Hawanatu Bangura and emerging Producer, Safia Amadou worked with I.C.E. in partnership with MAAS to create a short filmic work about Sapologie for the Reigning Men exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum. Both Hawanatu and Safia are also working on Afro Sistahs a short-form narrative comedy/drama web series currently being developed by a collective of young African-Australian women in Western Sydney.
More about Afro Sistahshttps://ice.org.au/project/afro-sistahs/
More about I.C.E. Screen Cultures Program: https://ice.org.au/program/screen/

Colin Kinchela & Charles Lomu

Colin is the First Nations Creative Producer at I.C.E. Colin is a Gomeroi man, raised on Country in Tamworth. He has facilitated various interdisciplinary arts projects for I.C.E. and directed the web-series Kasey Is Missing with mob from Cranebrook. Colin is currently working with Charles Lomu on the Garage Barbershop project.
More about Colin Kinchela: https://ice.org.au/people/colin-kinchela/

Garage Barbershop

In 2016 Garage Barbershop ran ten weeks of intensive barbering skills development workshops. Five young men from Pacific Islander backgrounds embarked with us on a journey, led by Charles Lomu, of self discovery, social inclusion and leadership exploring what it means to be a man in today’s society whilst preparing themselves for careers as the next generation of barbers. Garage Barbershop 2 followed on in 2017 with another cohort of young men being trained by Charles in the craft of barbering and continuing on that journey.
More about Garage Barbershop Ihttps://ice.org.au/project/garage-barbershop/
More about Garage Barbershop IIhttps://ice.org.au/project/gb2/
Watch the Garage Barbershop Webserieshttps://ice.org.au/project/garage-barbershop-webseries/

John Kirkman & Victoria Harbutt

John has been at the helm of I.C.E. for the past 6 years; prior to this he has been Chief Executive Officer Penrith Performing & Visual Arts, Director of the Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest, Curator/Manager of djamu Gallery Australian Museum at Customs House inaugural Director, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. Victoria Harbutt is I.C.E.’s Training and Curatorial Development Producer, she is a curator/producer whose projects are various blends of visual art, museology, dance, film, music, popular culture, social history and community and interdisciplinary engagement and she is currently working alongside John on the Renaissance Scholars project.
More about John Kirkman: https://ice.org.au/people/john-kirkman/
More about Victoria Harbutt: https://ice.org.au/people/victoria-harbutt/

Renaissance Scholars

The Renaissance Scholars is an educational enrichment program that brings 15 at-risk students from Granville Boys High School together with scholars to explore and witness renaissance ethos and practice in the contemporary (through art, engineering, astronomy, medicine, music, literature, communication, politics, philosophy, and mathematics). The aim of the program is provide contacts and pathways for the students’ tertiary/ educative aspirations.
Renaissance Scholars is currently in its development phase, please stay tuned for more information on this project.


Julia Mendel & Del Lumanta

Julia is the Community Engagement Producer she is also the Co-Director of Critical Animals Creative Research Symposium. Julia currently manages the All Girl Electronic program and works with facilitators Nicola Morton and Del Lumanta. Del is a visual artist and musician from Sydney. She has exhibited in Sydney and Melbourne, she plays in experimental synthesizer duo Video Ezy and currently coordinates Double Vision, a series of free-form gigs showcasing the practice of DIY, sound and ‘other’ musicians at Verge Gallery.
More about Julia Mendel: https://ice.org.au/people/julia-mendel/

All Girl Electronic

All Girl Electronic is a free electronic music production workshop program for young women, trans and non-binary youth from Western Sydney. The program is a direct answer to the lack of representation and opportunity that exist for women, female identifying and non-binary people in the music industry.
More about All Girl Electronichttps://ice.org.au/project/all-girl-electronic-2018/