ICE Clips – Places & Spaces

Curated by: Morgan Graham

Places and spaces are defined through human interaction, and all locations have a multiplicity of meanings (and reading). The ICE Clips in this current selection seek to explore the how places and locations are owned and defined through active community participation.


The Calling – St Marks

For the 2014 Sydney Festival, ICE presented The Calling; an inter-faith minibus tour (with sonic and visual dreamscapes) that explored religious architecture, sacred music and worship in Western Sydney. The clip features Eddie Muliaumaseali’I, who performed with Ruth Kleibert at St Mark’s Anglican Church in Granville for the tour.


Director/Cinematographer: Jerome Pearce
Partners: Sydney Festival, St Mark’s Anglican Church Granville, Granville Historical Society and Archive


Chatterbox – Community Garden

Chatterbox was a community news program providing a broadcast platform for stories from around Australia that are little told (and not often heard). For the Chatterbox Volunteers episode (May 2013), segment producer Maria Tran visited the Wentworthville Community Garden.


Director/Cinematographer: Maria Tran
Participants: Robyn, Helen, Kevin Horne, John Moody
Partners: Aurora Community Television, Community Broadcast Foundation


Werrington ‘Flip Book’

At the end of 2012, ICE produced Wearing The Crown, which invited young people from Werrington to a series of workshops on photography and self-expression. These participants were encouraged to express themselves through photography, moving images and sound recordings and share their experiences of living in Werrington. The resultant stories went on to form part of Penrith City Council's Neighbourhood Renewal Program in Werrington.


Director: Michael Chin
Cinematography: Michael Chin and Nathan Hughes
Partners: Penrith City Council, Werrington Public School, Chifley College Dunheved, North St Marys Public School, Werrington Youth Centre


ParraNormal – Door Five

ParraNormal was an eight-week program where fifteen young people collaborated with artists/performers/producers Candy Royalle, CHASM, Just Pixels, Richard Petkovic and We Buy Your Kids, to create an online graphic novel and soundtrack about Parramatta landscapes, the people and daily happenings in and around Church St and the Mall.


Artwork: Clara Chung
Poetry: Eunice Chin
Music: Jerry Kahale
Partners: Australian Business & Community Network, POP UP Parramatta


Hip Hop Projections 6 Documentation

Hip Hop Projections 6 showcased original Hip Hop works produced through workshops with Western Sydney youth in both audio and visual. Youth collaborated with Iraqi Canadian special guest artist trainers The Narcicyst and Sundus Abdul Hadi and Aussie Hip Hop legends such as MC Trey and Nick Toth.


Director/Cinematographer: Vanna Seang
Partners: Auburn Community Development Network, The Hills Holroyd Parramatta Migrant Resource Centre, Street University - Liverpool, Penrith City Council, Artstart – TAFE NSW and Communities NSW – Better Future Strategy.