Multicultural Womens Hub | Documentation and Testimonials

Multicultural Womens hub (2017)

“This is an amazing program! I couldn’t believe that we created all those artworks, it took me a while to realise that it was our own works. Nicole, Anamika and Yamane did a beautiful job at presenting it to us so professionally! I will miss this training during the holidays and look forward to the next workshops next year!”
–  Shubhangi (Didi’s Tribe Hub in Parramatta)

Thank you to Anamika and Nicole for teaching us and help us create and be inspired by the ceramics we made. I am so proud of our achievement and to see it displayed really warmed my heart. I feel so lucky to be part of this group!
– Anuradha (Didi’s Tribe Hub in Parramatta)

Today I felt I was walking in an art gallery with all our works so nicely presented! I can’t wait to start next year and learn more about how we will be able to sell our artworks. Thank you so much to Anamika, Nicole and Yamane!
– Parul (Didi’s Tribe Hub in Parramatta)

This Storytime class is the first one I attend in Australia. I met new people and made new friends, it gave me some courage to continue in this path and made me feel I can do better for myself.
– Shravasti (Spellbound Storytime Hub in Auburn)

I love coming to the Spellbound Storytime class! Our teacher Cathy is fantastic and so kind, we are learning so much from her. This course is the highlight of my week and I can’t imagine not attending it. I told all my friends about it! Thank you!
– Suraiya (Spellbound StorytimeHub in Auburn)