Participant Quotes

Sara, 21, Lalor Park

I have been involved in the ‘All Girl Electronic’ program run by the Information and Cultural Exchange in Parramatta throughout 2017. To say that the opportunities that this workshop has given me has changed my life, would be selling it short. Working around so many inspiring women has really given me the confidence to be able to showcase my music, play gigs and generally get my music career going, which is something I had wanted to do for my whole life, but I didn’t have the means to do.

I learnt so much about music production, performance and the industry and met so many wonderful women from Western Sydney who have faced the same struggles and prejudices as me, which was really empowering. We all formed a kind of community bond, a friendship between all of us, where we are open to helping each other and giving each other opportunities, which has been something I have always craved. The opportunity to learn from industry specialists was really priceless, and to use the equipment provided, was a dream.

I think ‘LDY-RUN’ will empower young women in the same way as the ‘All Girl Electronic’ did for me. It will give a lot of young women who are treated with prejudice or who come from some disadvantage a real advantage when entering into the music scene/ industry. Through these learnt insights into the industry, they can then have the means to change their lives.

Western Sydney (having lived here my whole life) is a thriving and young community, so many of us are so talented in the arts and passionate about it, although so many programs like this are run in Sydney city, and are not safe spaces as they’re not usually limited to women, or those who identify as women. And this is a problem. Western Sydney should become a cultural hub for the creative arts and should supply safe spaces for women and we should hold gigs, as there is a massive demand for these sorts of activities with the young multi-cultural creative’s that reside in our community. Programs like this will encourage this sort of change that I would love to see. I hope to be a part of LDY-RUN so I can continue to grow my skills and create the change I wish to see in my local community. I want to take what I’ve learnt and use it to empower other women.

Stephanie, 23, Liverpool

Personally, the ‘All Girl Electronic’ program was significant to me because I started to see that I had the potential to make and share my music as we were encouraged to collaborate with others and most importantly to believe in our own potential as artists, musicians and as human beings. I saw a lot of growth in confidence in myself and the women around me so for that reason it was a time in my life that I will cherish forever. The fact that it is an inclusive, female led program is also fantastic and important so I am certain that ‘LDY-RUN’ will incorporate the same vital opportunities offered in the ‘All Girl Electronic’ program.

‘LDY-RUN’ will offer access to resources that you wouldn’t otherwise have in other programs. They include hands on experience, training and mentoring with industry professionals in the areas of event management, promotion, and writing. These opportunities will help to develop and enhance the skills of young women who want to put on their own shows where they decide the line-up and the creative vision.

Most importantly, like ‘AGE’, this program I am certain will continue to empower and to build confidence in young women wishing to work in and shape the future of the Australian music industry in order to create the necessary changes and opportunities that do not currently exist within the realm of the Sydney music scene and within the industry itself.

Clarissa, 20, Blacktown

LDY-RUN is a program that will provide young women from Western Sydney including myself opportunities for growth and empowerment just as the ‘All Girl Electronic’ program did for me. As a young woman born and raised in the west I can say that LDY-RUN will be highly beneficial in giving a chance to those like myself who may not have had many opportunities due to where they live.

The project would also provide young women a place to grow and flourish and an industry that is male dominated. Nothing can beat the hands on experience and the great resources that the program provides and through a more personal mentoring experience with industry professionals and being surrounded by other like-minded people, this project encourages, empowers and launches young women into the industry of their dreams.