Julie Clarke-Jones (Webb)


Julie Clarke-Jones (Webb) is a proud Dharug woman from multiple fresh and saltwater clans. She works as an advocate, educator, consultant artist, dancer and mentor. Working with various organisations, Julie has managed to promote cultural awareness, equity, access and self-determination in both the public and private sectors. Her activism is present in the boardroom and on the picket line, with her notable association with the #StopAdani movement. She is an enthusiastic advocate for her people, land and social justice matters in general.

She has advised on many cultural programs and visual arts projects such as; Sydney Metro West and Tony Albert’s Ngara – Ngurangwa Byallara (Listen, hear, think – The Place Speaks), part of the Blacktown Native Insitution Project 2018. Most recently she played a leading role in The Gulbangali Dharug Nura Project for NIRIN 22nd Biennale of Sydney. Julie is currently Chairperson, Dharug Strategic Management Group, and a former Chairperson of the Darug Tribal Aboriginal Corporation.