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All Girl Electronic (2018)

All Girl Electronic is a FREE electronic music production workshop program for young women, trans and non-binary youth from Western Sydney. No experience is necessary – just an interest in learning how to produce electronic music. The program is an answer to the call for gender and cultural diversity within the areas of electronic music production and programming.

All Girl Electronic also has a tumblr where they share music and inspo for and from the workshops. Follow along here:



Del Lumanta
Del Lumanta is a visual artist and musician from Sydney. She has exhibited in Sydney and Melbourne, with recent shows at 55 Sydenham Rd, Knulp and MOP Projects. She plays in experimental synthesizer duo Video Ezy and currently coordinates Double Vision, a series of free-form gigs showcasing the practice of DIY, sound and ‘other’ musicians at Verge Gallery.

Nicola Morton
Nicola Morton is an electronic music artist who uses DIY experimental processes in composition/performance. She holds a Bachelor of Music Technology from Queensland Conservatorium of Music. She has composed for gamelan and classical ensembles in Australia and Indonesia, and has spent the last 7 years focusing on analogue synthesizers and free improvisation touring throughout Europe, China and the USA with various performers, ensembles and groups. National Film and Sound Archive has collected her solo experimental electronic recordings released on Australian DIY labels: Breakdance the Dawn, Alberts Basement; and European labels Musica Dispersa and LF Records.
SoundCloud (Experimental Electronics) 
SoundCloud (Trance/House) 
SoundCloud (Improvised Group)

Dr. Donna Hewitt
Donna Hewitt is an academic, vocalist, electronic music composer and instrument designer. Donna’s research has been primarily exploring mediatized performance environments and new ways of interfacing the voice with electronic media. She is the inventor of the eMic, a sensor enhanced microphone stand for electronic music performance and more recently has been creating wearable electronics for controlling both sound and lighting in performance. She is a founding member of Macrophonics, a mediatised performance collective. Her work has attracted funding from the Australia Council for the Arts, recently with all female collective Lady Electronica. Donna has held academic positions at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and Queensland University of Technology and is currently the Convenor of Music and Bachelor of Music Co-ordinator at the University of New England.

Production Workshops (8 weeks)

12 June – 4 August

Over 8 weeks you’ll be trained and mentored by some of Sydney’s best producers, delving into Ableton Live and learning how to produce your own tracks. Together you will learn how to compose with Ableton, an introduction to synths and production processes.

All Girl Electronic caters to those starting out as well as bedroom producers ready to begin collaborating.
The program will include:
* training
* mentoring
* artistic experimentation
* Composing with Ableton
* Arrangement
* Sound design
* Effects
* Studio practice
* Collaboration
* Improvisation
* Remixes
Who can apply?
* Female identifying / trans / non-binary people
* Aged 15 – 25
* Western Sydney based
Choose between one of two streams:
Tuesdays | 12 June – 31 July 2018 | 6pm – 9.30pm
Saturdays | 16 June – 4 August 2018 | 11am – 2.30pm
Information and Cultural Exchange (I.C.E.), 8 Victoria Road, Parramatta
Applications close midnight, Monday 28 May 2018. 
















Bryony Beynon
Bryony Beynon is from South Wales, and has made music with lots of people in London, UK and now Sydney, in Nasho, BB and the Blips and Photogenic. She hits drums, hits guitar, sings and shouts, and is interested in collaboration, demystification and unlearning. Bryony co-founded a community space called DIY Space for London and the record labels Dire Records and Muscle Horse. She is interested in the ‘memory work’ of uncovering women’s contributions to outsider cultures, has a monthly music and politics column for the long running international punk magazine Maximum Rocknroll, and has written for The Wire, The Quietus and The Guardian. She cannot read music.

Flower Boy 卓颖贤
Flower Boy 卓颖贤 wrote and released her first demo on Soundcloud within a few hours after downloading a free trial of Ableton Live in mid 2015. The classically trained musician “grew up in a bubble where I couldn’t see anybody around me making music… the only paths I felt like I could take were to be a classical pianist or composer, neither of which were very appealing to me”.

Experimenting with music was also a process of overcoming expectations tied to culture, family and gender: “Women tend to be held to a higher standard, and I definitely felt (still feel) pressure from family to deliver.”

The past three years for Flower Boy 卓颖贤 has taken a natural trajectory, evolving into a project of self-expression that has culminated sharing the stage with the likes of Marcus Whale and HTMLflowers as well as the release of debut single ‘i just want 2 adore u’ via Perfect Hair Records in May 2018 – a sign of more to come from the Sydney-based artist. “As a person who doesn’t like to share my feelings and secrets, Flower Boy 卓颖贤 has become a bizarre kind of middleman… a very sloppy emotional translator. Sharing my feelings is intoxicating, and I feel a cheeky kind of glee that nobody really knows the full story behind my tracks.”

Influenced more by emotions than sounds, the music of Flower Boy 卓颖贤 has been shaped as much by Chopin and Lana Del Rey as it has by nightcore and darker strains of electronic production, reflecting the Sydney artist’s refusal to dedicate herself to a single genre when producing or DJing: “I think any music that’s ever made me feel could be attributed as an influence.”

Jannah Quill
Jannah Quill is a Sydney and Melbourne based artist whose experimental approach to the uncasing of electrical processes manifests in installation, performance and recorded sound. In her live performances she fuses cracked everyday electronics with traditional electronic instruments to phase techno with menacing interjection of static and tone. Her approach to sound-making is heavily influenced by her interest in dance and club music apparatus and the ways in which this can blend with experimental, improvisatory and collaborative music making.

Since completing her BFA honours across two Sydney universities, the National Art School and UNSW Art and Design, Jannah has performed and exhibited extensively within Australia and internationally. Her work has been featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Underbelly Arts Festival, Art Space, Alaska Projects, Verge Gallery among others, including solo exhibitions at Fake Estate in conjunction with Metro Arts (2016) and Firstdraft Gallery (2017) and at major national music events including Lost City, Supersense, Secret Garden and Liquid Architecture. In 2018 she co-curated an artistic exchange with Betty Apple from Taiwan, creating club night AOYE, as part of LA’s Polyphonic Social program – a product of a 2017 tour where she performed at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art and venues in Taipei and Tainan.
Image by Jordan Munns

Lucy Cliché
Lucy Cliché is an ever evolving project exploring intersections between techno, industrial and electro. Using an all hardware set-up her music delivers a hard bitten exploration of how physicality and the ethereal can interact in music – heavy bass rhythms lock into pounding drums, washed over with synth chords and acid bleeps.

Lucy has gained a reputation for her live performances which deliver relentless crunchy action, playing warehouse parties and clubs to festivals like Meredith, Splendour in the Grass, Vivid, and Dark Mofo. Lucy Cliché’s genre blurring approach to electronic music is grounded in her long history in Australia’s underground through her work with industrial ambient duo Half High, murky pop group Knitted Abyss and experimental no-wave group Naked On The Vague. Lucy’s work has also extended to sound installation, and soundtracks for video works for contemporary artists and filmmakers. Her debut EP ‘Drain Down‘ was released on the vinyl imprint Noise In My Head Records.
Image by Mclean Stephenson

Darwin born Thaylia is an electronic folk singer-songwriter-producer based in Sydney. She is of Greek/Aboriginal heritage and her childhood years was spent in the red dusty plains of a small outback town called Kununurra in the far north Kimberley’s of Western Australia. Growing up she never had any music lessons and it wasn’t until the age of 23 when she discovered her passion of music and picked up an instrument for the very first time. After floundering for a decade due to her struggle with addiction, she reignited this passion in 2012 when she took a chance and quit her high paying corporate job and sold her house to pursue her career in music full time.

She recently fulfilled a lifelong dream after completing a Bachelor of Music with a major in Composition and Music Production at the Australian Institute of Music. She is currently working as a music teacher, delivers music workshops and presentations at schools and is studying a Diploma of Film and TV and working towards establishing her own film and music production business Beyond Summerland Entertainment. Her next EP release – Into My Soul is in the works and due in the very near future.


Taster Workshop at UNE Sydney

22 May | 6pm – 9pm

Sign up for a free workshop to get an introduction into electronic music production at the University of New England FutureCampus, Parramatta.  It’s perfect for those just starting out and an excellent bridge for anyone thinking of applying for the 8-week All Girl Electronic Workshops.

Find out more here!



Join the All Girl Electronic producers as they wrap up the 8-week Recording Workshops and share their tracks!

WHEN: Saturday 5 May | 3.30pm – 7pm
WHERE: I.C.E. | 8 Victoria Road, Parramatta


Recording Workshops (8 weeks)

13 March – 5 May

Over 8 weeks you’ll be trained and mentored by some of Sydney’s best producers, delving into Ableton Live and learning how to produce your own tracks. Workshops cover sampling, mixing, recording and beat making. Together you will learn how to compose with Ableton, an introduction to synths and production basics with a focus on recording processes.

All Girl Electronic caters to those starting out as well as bedroom producers ready to begin collaborating.

The program will include:
* training
* mentoring
* artistic experimentation
* recording

Who can apply?
* Female identifying / trans / non-binary people
* Aged 15 – 25
* Western Sydney based

Choose between one of two streams:
Tuesdays | 13 March – 1 May 2018 | 6pm – 9.30pm     -OR-      Saturdays | 17 March – 5 May 2018 | 11am – 2.30pm
Information and Cultural Exchange (I.C.E.), 8 Victoria Road, Parramatta
Applications close midnight, Monday 5 March 2018.









Mentors (Recording Workshops)

Lupa J
Lupa J is the creative project of Sydney based producer and songwriter Imogen Jones. At age 15, Jones posted her first three tracks under the Lupa J moniker on Soundcloud and immediately gained attention from tastemakers at DIY Magazine who wrote, ‘there’s something in the way she makes predominantly electronic, gadgety things seem like they’ve come straight out of some pagan cave of organic sounds.’ In Australia, national radio station Triple J nominated her as finalist for an unprecedented two years running in their Unearthed High competitions of 2014 and 2015. Inspired by artists such as Grimes (who she has supported live) Arca and Nine Inch Nails she sees her work as multi-dimensional and includes film, graphic art, and live events. Jones is outspoken on issues of gender and femininity and these themes are often explored in her music & film. A long form collection of tracks is being planned for 2018 which may be released in the form of an album.

Antonia Gauci
Antonia is a multi-talented engineer on the rise, currently crafting a unique sound as a writer and producer to be reckoned with. Her style explores a wide range of music, moving from the worlds of glittery pop to alternative and punk, while still experimenting with all the beautiful, weird things that happen in-between.
Most recently her work has gained kudos from industry members such as Richard Kingsmill (Triple J), Dave Ruby Howe (Triple J Unearther) and Amelia Jenner (FBi Radio) as she’s been busy in the studio co-writing, producing and engineering with an array of local artists – some being Japanese Wallpaper, Jack Grace, Jack Colwell, All Our Exes Live in Texas, Las Vagueness, Jay Ways, Kimchi Princi and Anatole. Topping off 2016, Antonia launched a 3 piece Italo Disco trio “GAUCI” and her solo project “Leftenent”, both receiving rave reviews.
Add that to an already impressive working resume which includes Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Will.I.Am, Lil Yachty, Cold Chisel, Savage, Vallis Alps, DMA’s, Mansionair, Kučka, Middle Kids, MOVEMENT, Felix Lush and Body Type, Antonia has fit a lot into her fledgling career.

Kat Harley
Kat Harley is half of Sydney duo MEZKO, who combine elements of rock and electronic music to create a unique brand of powerful and gritty pop.
A guitarist since age 10 and member of various rock bands, Kat was drawn to the possibilities of electronic music and production through endless hours in home studios and the discovery of synths, drum machines and sequencers.
MEZKO have since earned a reputation as Producers of expertly crafted electronic music, with their first two singles receiving national radio play and ushering the duo onto the touring and festival circuit.
MEZKO signed with Inertia Music in 2017 and released their debut EP ‘Polychronic’ described as ‘weaving together hypnotic krautrock-ish sequences, warehouse-ready rave vibes, acid riffs and techno beats, the duo present a veritable feast of electronic delights’.

Kusum Normoyle
Kusum Normoyle is an artist working with voice, sound, performance, and installation who takes resonance, screaming, feedback and intervention and puts them to work in gallery, experimental and dance music contexts. Her work investigates aesthetic and literal expressions of voice/bodies, sound technologies, noise making and their relationship to location and materials.
Her work has been included in numerous national and international galleries and events including Bergen Kunsthall, Dark MOFO, Artspace Sydney, Bergen Kunsthall, Primavera: Young Australian Artists, MCA Sydney, Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize, ISSUE Project Room NYC, Superdeluxe at Artspace for the 17th Biennale of Sydney, Liquid Architecture, N.K Berlin, UrBANGUILD JPN, Biennial of Graphic Art, Slovenia. She has on-going collaborative music projects with Ivan Lisyak as techno duo HVISKE and Peter Blamey in duo Hard Hat.
Image credit: Mclean Stephenson

Fjorn Butler
Fjorn Butler is sound and visual artist from Melbourne. Currently she is one third of deep psychedelic improvised electronic trio Gurner, and plays solo as Papaphilia – both incarnations are based around experimentation with analogue hardware such as drum machines and sequencers, and aim to push the boundaries of electronic dance music themes. She has a Bachelor in Fine art, majoring in painting and sound design, as well as a Bachelor with honours in political philosophy. She has performed at numerous festivals, including Dark Mofo in Tasmania, the Tectonics program of the Adelaide Festival and the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music. Fjorn has a diverse range of experience coordinating, managing and overseeing community-based projects in cross disciplinary and cultural fields including facilitating artists and sound workshops and organising local community music events at various venues.

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If you would like more information about All Girl Electronic (2018), you can get in contact with Julia Mendel at I.C.E. for more details
Julia Mendel
Producer, Community Engagement
[email protected]
02 8821 9151

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