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Berala Bibs and Bangles

Berala Bibs and Bangles supports newly arrived families with preschool children living in Berala to create bilingual digital resources through a process of creative engagement. The families will work with artists and facilitators and take part in arts and crafts, storytelling, videography and other creative activities while engaging with each other, developing their English literacy and content for the digital resource. The project encourages families to keep speaking their mother languages, fosters an environment of appreciation for the families’ cultural diversity and creative expressions. The bilingual digital resources will be shared with families through the Family Creative Hub’s network, as a resource for bilingual learning for children.

We will be releasing short videos and colouring sheets weekly.

Download to print here:

Download to Print Here:
All Colours Activity Sheet

You can print and make a colourful drawing then write your name in the languages that you and your family know. We’d love it if you share it with us : )


Download prints here:


Download prints here:

These videos are also available on Facebook

The Facilitators for Term 3, 2019 are:
Mariam Sawires : Artist/facilitator
Alnie Chanel Biala : Facilitator/videographer
Sherbanu Oomatia (ADSi Family Worker)
Firduas Soeb Dhunvavwala (ADSi Playgroup Facilitator)
Adela Amin (Berala Public School Community support worker)
Amy Scully: Arts/Crafts guest facilitator
Hajer Al-awsi: Facilitator
Big thanks to the amazing artists Chanel Biala and Mariam Sawires for creating these videos with the beautiful families of Berala – we enjoyed every playgroup session together; singing, playing, sharing and making with you all.
Thank you to the fantastic team at Auburn Diversity Services Initiative, Sherbanu Oomatia and Firdos as well the ever supportive team at Berala Public, Adela and Jodie.
This project would not have been possible without the generous support of the Scanlon Foundation.
The I.C.E. Family Creative Hub is part of the National Community Hubs Program. This program is funded by the Scanlon Foundation with funding from the Department of Social Services received through Community Hubs Australia and managed by Settlement Services International. The Family Creative Hub also receives support from The Packer Family FoundationCrown Resorts FoundationCity of Parramatta, and Cumberland Council.
This project is funded by the Scanlon Foundation in partnership with Auburn Diversity Services Inc