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Burramatta: Found in Translation (2018)

Burramatta: Found in Translation will work with Burramatta and First Nations peoples to explore and ‘translate’ archives and histories specific to the Burramatta people about the region now known as Parramatta.

The project proposes a First Nations approach to exploring Burramatta history: archival exploration and investigation; First Nations community-based analysis, critique, interpretation and translation; the building of a new oral history-based archive, placing local First Nations peoples in the key role of active historians and cultural commentators. Burramatta: Found in Translation seeks to build a new ‘translated’ archive as it explores the forgotten, ignored or misinterpreted histories, accounts and records about significant Darug Nation people, cultural and ceremonial sites in and around Burramatta (Parramatta) and form the basis for a future performance-based cultural tour program.

This project will bring to the fore forgotten histories and will promote First Nations people as the memory holders of this country and hopefully add to the shift for this to be realised for the ongoing next generations.

This project is supported by the City of Parramatta Annual Cultural Heritage & Stories Research Fund