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Club Weld at the Sydney Opera House (2017)

Club Weld musicians spent 3 days at the Sydney Opera House taking in the structure, lunching in the Green Room and playing, recording and collaborating with Rainbow Chan, George Nicholas and Eugene Ward as part of the Vivid Live 2017 program.

The result is CLUB WELD REMIX THE HOUSE, a six-track album¬†featuring Corey Barclay, Andrew Barrett, Clare Brown, Paolo Donia, Kate Field, Charbel Nehme, Jerrah Patston, Chris Stiles, Thomas ‘TJ’ Stines, Anthony Talarico, Ashley Unterrheiner and Jonathan Yung with Pasko Schravemade, Jerry Kahale, Victoria Harbutt and Sam Worrad.

Remix The House is available for purchase on Bandcamp now:

If you would like more information about Club Weld at the Sydney Opera House (2017), you can get in contact with Victoria Harbutt at I.C.E. for more details
Victoria Harbutt
Producer, Training & Curatorial Development
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02 8821 9165