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CLUB WELD (ongoing)

Club Weld is a skills and creative development program for musicians on the autism spectrum. Led by specialist facilitator/collaborators and supported by arts, industry and philanthropic partnerships, Club Weld is unique, providing weekly supported studio sessions; live performance, recording, broadcast and cultural development opportunities.


Nicola Morton is an Asian-Australian artist who currently works on many of the I.C.E. music programs and teaches music at University of New England. Nicola works with Club Weld musicians Chris Stiles, Anthony Talarico, Clare Brown & Helen Lupton; plays live with The Morning Session and was a member of the 2019 I.C.E.HAUS live music series curatorial team.  She studied a Bachelor of Music (Technology) at Queensland Conservatorium of Music and has worked a range of jobs in the music industry, from live musician, sound engineer, venue manager to music-marketing manager. Her goal within the music industry is to create learning environments that make it easier for new musicians to create and share experiences. Nicola plays in a number of bands, from mininimal techno to psychedelic rock to electro-acoustic improvisation – Club Sound Witches, xwave and Life Groove Orchestra. 

Pasko Schravemade is a Sydney based singer and composer of music characterised by fresh harmonic progressions and solid melodies. Pasko studied music at the Wesley Institute and has facilitated music programs for musicians on the autism spectrum and at risk youth since 2007, for organisations such as Autism Spectrum Australia. Pasko works with Club Weld musicians Corey Barclay, Sienna Acquaro, Jonathan Yung and Charbel Nehme. He has released music on labels Music Mosaic and Highway 125 – his release ‘Didj Heart’ was album of the month on Goolarri Radio in Perth. Pasko is currently producing music for television series, ‘Outback Paramedics and working on an album of exceptional songs with Ray Goodwin.

Sam Worrad is a musician from Penrith. As lead facilitator for Club Weld, Sam co-ordinates weekly studio sessions; co-produces performances and special opportunities for the musicians and supervises the production of individual and compilation releases. He works with Club Weld musicians Adoni Zamanos and Jerrah Patston; plays live with Jerrah and was a member of the 2019 I.C.E.HAUS live music series curatorial team.  Sam has played bass with rock band The Holy Soul since 2001, making many recordings and touring internationally. He has performed with Damo Suzuki, Keiji Haino, E-Da (Boredoms) in Japan and in Jed Kurzel’s ‘Snowtown: Live’ film score performances in Australia and Poland. He has made music with Robyn Hitchcock, Lo Carmen, The Black Turtles, David Thomas, The Vacant Lot, Monica Brooks, Kim Salmon and Neil Hamburger. 

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Club Weld Remix The House 

During 2017 Club Weld musicians spent three days playing, recording and collaborating on tracks with Rainbow Chan, George Nicholas and Eugene Ward as part of the Vivid Live program. The six-track album produced can be found HERE, along with full project details.

This release is available across all streaming services, thanks to ABC Music!

Debut EP


In 2016, finishing off their second year, Club Weld released their self titled debut EP via their Bandcamp page.  Released physically and digitally the 5 track EP features music written, performed and recorded at Club Weld. This includes a mixture of influences ranging from Avant Pop like Kate Bush to Kraut Rock and Industrial experimentalists Throbbing Gristle and Can with a bit of abstract Punk-Blues thrown in for good measure.

This release is available across all streaming services, thanks to ABC Music!


Music Videos

Accompanying the release are 3 music videos produced under the banner MAXIMUM HEADROOM, directed by acclaimed video artists Alexander Smith and Heath Franco. The videos mirror the group’s eclectic influences with Smith and Franco’s experimental style using a variety of 80s analog video equipment.



Club Weld’s EP launched 3rd December 2015 to coincide with International Day of People with Disability, via Sydney’s FBI Radio 94.5FM. With off the wall guitar riffs, unique tunings and psychedelic synth and bass lines Club Weld proves they are making music that the current slew of indie musicians could only dreams of – weird, catchy and secretly soulful.




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