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Creative Producing & Pitching

The ‘Creative Producing & Pitching’ Virtual Workshops are a pilot project of the ‘Diversity on Screen’ (DOS) Enterprise, working with an international partner Film Independent based in Los Angeles, USA.

The six-day ‘Creative Producing & Pitching Workshop’ (conducted over two weeks) will involve up to 15 emerging filmmakers from Australia, selected by I.C.E. The sessions will be led by two US mentors, established and esteemed U.S. creative producers, and facilitated by Film Independent international programs leadership.

To date, 9 projects, involving 14 creatives/participants have been selected. 7 of these projects and creatives teams have come through our feeder programs, with two new projects and 3 new creatives based interstate, demonstrating the national scope of the initiative.

All key creatives are people of colour (from African, Korean, Pacific Islander and First Nations communities), and their projects include comedy, drama (and dramedy), horror and fantasy genres, in formats including short form web series, TV series and feature films.


About the Participants & Mentors


If you would like more information about Creative Producing & Pitching, you can get in contact with Barry Gamba at I.C.E. for more details
Barry Gamba
Producer, Screen Cultures
[email protected]
02 8821 9158