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Dharug Voices

I.C.E. Dharug Voices is a year round storytelling series for the Dharug community to celebrate and share culture On-Country from the mountains to the sea. In addition to events that bring more First Nations ideas into public conversations, Dharug Voices support development of new works by local custodians and artists collaborating with Dharug people. 

Past Dharug Voices events Include:

Dharug Voices NAIDOC Always Was, Always Will Be 

This I.C.E. staff development and cultural engagement day was led by Julie Clarke Jones (Webb) Dharug Custodian and Knowledge Holder. Staff and I.C.E. key partners were invited participate in a water cleansing ceremony followed by a day of panel talks, Q&As to learn about local Dharug stories and a movement workshop by Peta Strachan, Artistic Director of Jannawi Dance Clan.

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Dharug Voices Invasion Day

 I.C.E. developed a suite of digital assets as a social media campaign on Invasion Day.
The series included:
Medicine Women of the Flannel Flower’ by Dianne Ussher

Ignorance’ by young emerging writer, Shanaya Donovan. 

If you would like more information about Dharug Voices, you can get in contact with Hannah Donnelly at I.C.E. for more details
Hannah Donnelly
Producer, First Nations Programs
[email protected]
02 8821 9156

Supported by Create NSW through Rescue and Restart funding.