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Dream Discotheques for Parramatta (2014)

Dream Discotheques for Parramatta anticipates and conceptualizes the future via the prism and framework of the past; and designs dream discotheques for Sydneys burgeoning second city, Parramatta.

A creative and educative collaboration between Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE) and UNSW Built Environment Architecture (UNSW), Dream Discotheques for Parramatta is firmly placed in the suburbs, architecture and cultural history of Western Sydney; and is driven by the desire to utilize new frameworks for creative exploration – community memory, remnant architecture, music and Popular Culture.

Led by co-curators Dr. Dijana Alic (UNSW) and Jonathan Wilson (ICE), over 30 Master of Architecture candidates from UNSW Built Environment Architecture program were tasked to research and design their dream night spots for the Parramatta of tomorrow.

Using three heritage buildings and/or remnant sites the Roxy (1930-extant), Astra (1935-1986) and Cumberland Land and Investment Building (1889-extant), as base design, participating students explored the relationship between contemporary and heritage architecture; community history and demographic change; remnant architecture and urban development.

Students were required not only to conceptually revitalise lost spaces and offer new community access points, but to also offer new interpretations that might add to the historic fabric (and memory) of a growing contemporary city. As foundation they researched the cultural, economic, aesthetic and political impacts/memory of a range of iconic international discotheques/clubs, including Studio 54 (New York City, 1977-82) and The Hacienda (Manchester UK, 1982-97); and concurrently examined a range of contemporary nightclubs from across the globe (Shanghai, Berlin, Beirut, Sydney, Melbourne and Parramatta).

Studio based and client focused, Dream Discotheques for Parramatta was defined by a common architectural agenda matched by individual theoretical and architectural approaches. Designers engaged in the histories and debates on community and cultural identity, and explored the relationships between the dominant culture and the subcultures of contemporary Australia. They were asked to design for people, profit and Parramatta.

Dream Discotheques for Parramatta is presented by the 2014 Sydney Architecture Festival.

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Student Designs

sydarchfest14_Last Name_First Name
sydarchfest14_The Roxy_Octora_Glecia
sydarchfest14_Last Name_First Name
sydarchfest14_The Astra Theatre_Astra_Luzon_Hanan
sydarchfest14_The Astra Theatre_The Lair_Lambini_Claudia
sydarchfest14_The Astra Theatre_The Vibrant Hut_Li_Zheng
sydarchfest14_The Roxy Teatre_The Roxy Exposed_Nguyen_Hong-Thanh
sydarchfest14_The Roxy Theatre _Built to Entertain_Saha_Anupama
sydarchfest14_The Roxy Theatre_Huy_Minh_Nguyen
sydarchfest14_The Roxy Theatre_Luo_Xiaoxu
sydarchfest14_The Roxy Theatre_Roxy69_Hartono_Jeremy
sydarchfest14_The Roxy Theatre_The Cave_Angga_Steven Surya
sydarchfest14_The Roxy Theatre_The Interlude_Shojaie_Ramin

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