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Granville Barbershop (2018)

Granville Barbershop is a multi-streamed project running currently at Granville Boys High School throughout Terms 2 and 3. The Term 2 program encompasses barbering in The Groom Room under the mentorship of Charles Lomu and music making, collaboration and production in The Groove Room with mentor Chris Hamer-Smith.

Leo Tanoi is the project facilitator overseeing daily operations on Mondays in The Groom Room and Tuesdays in The Groove Room. The student participants have been hand-picked to be part of these two programs and the whole school community is buzzing with excitement and pride.

We will continue to take you along with us on the Granville Barbershop journey with regular updates. Stay tuned!

The Groom Room




The Groove Room

Music facilitator, Chris Hamer-Smith is working closely with the Granville Boys High School Senior Arabic Band who perform regularly and featured at last year’s School Spectacular, the band will be recording some of their songs in a professional production studio in the next few weeks; another group of student participants are creating original compositions that compliment the barbering component.

If you would like more information about Granville Barbershop (2018), you can get in contact with Colin Kinchela at I.C.E. for more details
Colin Kinchela
Producer, First Nations
[email protected]
02 8821 9172

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