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I Have A Dream | Cranebrook (2015)

July 16th – 5pm – Cranebrook Shops – Hosking Street

I Have A Dream was a digital arts workshop series for young people from Cranebrook, culminating in a multi form digital arts showcase event at the Cranebrook shopping centre. The workshops were run by experienced practitioners including artist Marian Abboud, filmmaker Mary Munro and experimental musician Jerry Kahale. Together they explored the dreams and aspirations of the young people through video, photography and music.

The result was an installation dreamscape, combining all the works produced through the workshops in the amphitheatre at the Cranebrook shops. The event featured music, a live DJ, interactive visual artworks, light sculptures and a hotdog stand. It was a chance for the whole community to come out and celebrate the dreams of young people imagined through music, film and art.

The project is another chapter in a long running partnership between Nepean Community Neighbourhood Services and Information and Cultural Exchange and is funded by Penrith City Council’s Magnetic Places grants program, Crown Resorts Foundation and the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation

June 30, July 1 and July 2 – 10am to 4pm

I Have A Dream explored dreams and aspirations through digital collage portraits, interactive visual imagery, ethereal soundscapes and epic spoken word videos. The workshops took place over 3 days where our creative team of experienced artists, local young people and community workers activated Cranebrook Neighbourhood Centre and the disused amphitheatre at Cranebrook shops. We started by introducing our cohort to a selection of world changing historical speeches. These inspired reflection on the importance of personal dreams and aspirations, no matter how big or small, and explored how we each might use creativity and self-expression to change our own worlds.

Speeches – With Mary Munro: In the context of historical speeches participants developed their own ‘I have a dream’ speech to be will be recorded onto video or rehearsed as a live spoken word performance. Mary Munro and Christian Tancred

Visual interactivity- With Marian Abboud: Based on exploration of how the natural and mechanical worlds affect our dreams interactive visual artworks using live feeds, software manipulated image and projections will be created for installation at the showcase event. Facilitated by Marian Abboud.

Ethereal Sounds- Jerry Kahale: Explorations of motivational sounds and dreamscapes will be explored to create digital music tracks via ipad technology and loop pedals. These will form the soundtrack of the showcase installation. Facilitated by Jerry Kahale.

When: 10am to 4pm – 30th June and 1st and 2nd July
Where: Cranebrook Neighbourhood Centre
Hosking St, Cranebrook NSW 2749
Why: Because “with our thoughts we make the world” – Buddha
An ethereal exploration of place and dreams – Cranebrook shops

I Have A Dream… Granville Boys High and Auburn Girls High, 2014

This project is a continuation of the I Have A Dream series which began with I Have A Dream… at Auburn Girls High and Granville Boys High in 2014. The participants created a series of digital portraits with facilitation from artists George Tillianakis and Marian Abboud. Through shared experience in visual mediums and visual creation, the artists worked with the participants to create new and personal stories that are essentially an examination of how they see their world in 2014.

For more information on I Have A Dream… see: ice.org.au/project/i-have-a-dream