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Illuminate (2015)

The Project

In the first half of 2015 ICE has been working with renowned photographer and light portrait artist, Peter Solness, to produce Illuminate. The project has been a 3-month participatory digital art project with residents of the Villawood East Housing Estate, another chapter in our partnership with Woodville Alliance (Previously Woodville Community Services). The project worked with seven residents to create, develop and produce unique light-paintings featuring self-portraits. The portraits were a reflection of a time gone by but also explored how the participants really see themselves.


Light painting is performed in darkness and uses hand torches to apply light to a chosen subject or space. The results are recorded onto a digital camera using a slow shutter speed of 30-60 seconds. The images can then be reproduced as digital files for printing and publishing. The intrigue of this technique is that the results are always unexpected so it stimulates the imagination of the participants. It is possible to transform everyday scenes into images of extraordinary beauty.

The Workshops

The workshops successfully created a safe environment for positive self-reflection. For our participants it has been a time that they could look back at happy moments and reinterpret them in a truly creative way.



The Illuminate exhibition will show both digital and printed works developed through the workshops. This is a chance for all of the community to come together and celebrate the great work that has been done by our participants.

Exhibition Opening:  1pm Thursday 3rd September 2015
When: 3rd September – 1st October 2015
Where: Fruit Cocktail Bar, Villawood Place, Villawood


If you would like more information about Illuminate (2015), you can get in contact with Christian Tancred at I.C.E. for more details
Christian Tancred
Producer, Community Engagement
[email protected]
02 8821 9169