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iVlogs Berala

iVlogs Berala is a free English learning and video making project that brings together Dari speaking women wishing to learn English, a tutor of English as an additional language, a videographer and facilitators to create and share bilingual Dari/English videos that can be used by anyone wishing to learn everyday phrases in both Dari and English.
The second iteration of workshops will be delivered during February – March 2020

The I.C.E. Family Creative Hub is part of the National Community Hubs Program. This program is funded by the Scanlon Foundation with funding from the Department of Social Services received through Community Hubs Australia and managed by Settlement Services International. The Family Creative Hub also receives support from The Packer Family FoundationCrown Resorts FoundationCity of Parramatta, and Cumberland Council.

Funding for iVlogs Berala has been provided by the NSW Government