Kasey is Missing (2014 – 2015) - Information & Cultural Exchange

Kasey is Missing (2014 – 2015)

Web Series

Something is not right for Ricky. She hasnt seen her best friend Kasey in weeks. Her Cousin doesnt care, nobody cares and whats more she is having strange dreams. This is a young girl on a mission to find her best friend. The story reminds us of the unmistakable strength of childhood friendship and innocence destroyed by the realities of life. Ricky meets many people on her journey. Her Cousin Phoebe, who has her own problems, Connor who is a real jerk, the loving a thoughtful Sarah and Aunty Mary. Each is looking for a Kasey of their own.

This 5 part web series is the result of several years of collaboration with Nepean Community and Neighbourhood Services (NCNS). From story development to performance workshops to several weeks of shooting and hours of editing, this process allowed us to collect local stories over several years and developed them with the community into a narrative.

While it is fiction, the story and performances align themselves closely to the truth. The performers are not acting, they are being. Very little dialogue was written and this keeps the verbal exchanges honest and more authentic. The result is a beautiful observational piece exploring the joys and pains of being young.

Written and performed by Leonie Haines, Debbie Shepherd, Michaela Johnson and Mary Ridgeway, Kasey is Missingprovides an important window into the lives of young Aboriginal women growing up in the multicultural hotbed of Sydney’s Western suburbs.

Notably the process of creation has also resulted in great friendships and bonds that have been built between the creative team from ICE, the staff at NCNS and more importantly a connection with the young people from the community.

Creative Team
Cultural consultation – Mary Munro
Sound recording – Piotr Waslewski and Ben Yeadon
Music – Yung Nooky
Script consultant – Nico Lathouris. Nadia Townsend, Fadia Abboud
Sound Mix – Luke Stacey
Graphic design – Jarmaine Stojanovic
Web design – Jerome Pearce
Digital strategy – Julia Mendel
Executive Producer – Mouna Zaylah
Producer – Christian Tancred
Producer – Mary Ridgeway
Director – Colin Kinchela
Cinematography – Sam Phibbs
Editing – Sam Phibbs
Associate Producer – David Gillett
Dramaturge – Nadia Townsend

Leonie Haines
Debbie Shepherd
Michaela Johnson
Connor Smith
Mary Ridgeway

Off The Hook
Off The Hook was our initial point of engagement both with the young people and women of the community such as Aunty Mary. These simple stories were used to come up with concepts for narrative threads that were then developed into characters and plot lines. The two stories below became major narrative threads that would ultimately become the script for the 5 part web series – Kasey is Missing. These digital stories created by community members have formed the foundation for our script development work.

Mary Ridgeway created My Pop in 2012 with support from Christian Tancred.

Debbie Shepherd and Leonie Haines created The Promise with support from Christian Tancred.