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Man In The Mirror (2015)

2015 / 7 mins / Dir: Ali Mousawi

Produced as part of ICE’s Parradocs project, Man In The Mirror is a short documentary by filmmaker Ali Mousawai. The film follows sixteen-year old Arabic-speaking Iranian asylum seeker, Abbas, who was first told in a Darwin detention centre that he looked like Michael Jackson. Once out of detention he started researching, dressing and teaching himself to dance like the iconic King of Pop. As a MJ impersonator, Abbas has become a mini celebrity in his own right but all the fame and glitter hide the loneliness of a young refugee.

Man In The Mirror premieres at the 2015 Arab Film Festival Australia screening alongside the feature film, Theebon closing night before travelling to Melbourne and Canberra where it will screen alongside Ghadi as part of the festival.

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