Maximum Headroom (2015) - Information & Cultural Exchange

Maximum Headroom (2015)

Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE) has collaborated with ASPECT (Autism Spectrum Australia) on their Club Weld program to produce MAXIMUM HEADROOM, a series of music videos to accompany the groups debut EP launch.

Club Weld was formed by ASPECT in 2014 as a music making project housed at ICE. The club provides a space for musicians on the Autism Spectrum to work in the areas of digital and live music production and creation. Fast-forward to the end of 2015 and Club Weld are ready to give the world their debut release.

With the help of video artists Alexander Smith and Heath Franco the musicians have taken the next evolutionary step in the professional music making process by performing in the MAXIMUM HEADROOM music video series. The first video, Anthony’s Bad Biscuits, premiered on Noisy Music By Vice in the lead up to the launch of the Club Weld EP.

Anthonys Bad Biscuits

Taylor Molnar – Track Production and Mixing
Anthony Talarico – Guitar
Taylor Molnar – Bass
Chris Stiles – iPad Synth

Directed by Alexander Smith and Heath Franco.

Blueberry Jam

Pasko Schravemade – Track Production and Mixing
Chris Stiles – Vox
Pasko Schravemade – Synth Trumpet
Thomas (TJ) Stines – Electric Piano, Synth Trumpet
Jerry Kahale – Bass, Guitar

Directed by Alexander Smith and Heath Franco.

Cats & Alleyways

Jerry Kahale – Track Production and Mixing
Chris Stiles – Vox
Pasko Schravemade – Synth
Thomas (TJ) Stines – Drums, Piano, Percussion
Anthony Talarico – Guitar, Vox
Sam Warrad – Guitar
Ashley Unterrheiner – Drums

Directed by Alexander Smith and Heath Franco.

Alexander Smith

Alexander Orlando Smith is a film, video clip and advertising director based in Sydney. He won an MTV short film competition whilst studying at Central St Martin’s School of Art and Design in London. He has directed numerous documentaries, commercials, short films and over seventy-five music videos for a range of artists and companies, including K-Mart, Bonds, Kylie Minogue, Manic Street Preachers, Pivot, Buffalo Tom, The Darkness, Juliette Lewis & the Licks, Coldplay, Peaches and Iggy Pop.

Heath Franco

Heath Francos performance/video practice confronts with an intriguing combination of the grotesque and comic. Similarly, there is innocence and wonderment in how Franco creates and presents characters (and worlds) that are magical, exciting and terrifying. He is a trained disabilities artist facilitator having worked extensively with Sunnyfield Disability group.



Debut EP

Finishing off their second year Club Weld has now released their self titled debut EP via their Bandcamp page.Released physically and digitally the 5 track EP features music written, performed and recorded at Club Weld. This includes a mixture of influences ranging from Avant Pop like Kate Bush to Kraut Rock and Industrial experimentalists Throbbing Gristle and Can with a bit of abstract Punk-Blues thrown in for good measure.

Club Welds debut EP launched on 3rd December 2015 to coincide with International Day of People with Disability, via Sydneys FBI Radio 94.5FM. Check it out on their their Bandcamp page. For more details check out the Club Weld website: