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My Life My Art (2015)

Four artists in Western Sydney, each working in diverse artforms, have one thing in common – none of them will let their disability limit their practice as artists. My Life My Art is a program of four mini documentaries examining an aspect of the lives of these extraordinary individuals. While short in duration, the films tackle big issues of life, identity and creativity. These are four stories that prove nothing can stifle the creative spark.


Cast and Crew Screening

Last month we previewed the shorts at a cast and crew screening here at ICE. We are now in the process of submitting the My Life My Art shorts films to festivals.


Screenings and Awards

Bradford Small World Film Festival, 2016, (UK)
Official Selection
Life is Short, Two Heads, Anaconda, Valentine

ThinkAbility Access Inclusion Forum, 2016, (Sydney)
3 locationsĀ in Cumberland Council
Life is Short, Two Heads, Anaconda, Valentine

Antenna Documentary Film Festival, 2016, (Sydney)
Official selection
Two Heads

FILEF Short Film Festival ‘Inclusion/e’, 2016, (Sydney)
Official selection
Life is Short, Two Heads, Anaconda, Valentine
Winner Best Performance
Gerry O’Dwyer (Anaconda)


Short Synopses

Life Is Short Time Is Constant, aka Listic
Dir: Vanna Seang
Lima Peni (aka Listic) is a musician and free-styler based in Campbelltown. Listic is also legally blind, not that he lets this stop him working on his beloved BMWs or mentoring the emerging rappers or the crew of local young people who see him as a role model. Life Is Short Life Is Constant aka Listic is his story.


Two Heads Are Better Than One
Dir: Ludwig El Haddad
Auburn-based visual artists, Carla and Lisa Wherby, are winners of numerous local art prizes, and twin sisters. Carla has anxiety and related physical disability, and Lisa is her carer and artistic cohort. Together they bicker and collaborate on vivid works of art that comment on current social issues.

2 Heads_008 copy

Dir: Jerome Pearce
Gerard ODwyer has a growing reputation as a performer, leading man and one of the ambassadors for the Dont Dis My Ability campaign. In Anaconda we get a glimpse of Gerard backstage as he practices to overcome his stutter, before walking onstage to perform his story.

Anaconda_021 copy

Dir: Tresa Ponnor
Janet Lombardo is an actress looking for love. In Valentine Janet ruminates on the difficulties she faces searching for companionship and intimacy as the survivor of a stroke.

Valetine_52 WEB

If you would like more information about My Life My Art (2015), you can get in contact with Barry Gamba at I.C.E. for more details
Barry Gamba
Producer, Screen Cultures
[email protected]
02 8821 9158