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Produce With Me

Ever wondered what is going on inside their head? Produce With Me takes you through the process and the programs used by some of our favourite noise-makers.
“Produce With Me” is a three part series where you can join producers for a detailed rundown of what they do when they’re working on tracks.
Produce With Me: Equalizer 24k will be streamed live from the New Age Noise Collective Facebook Page and I.C.E. Facebook page on Thursday the 3rd of September, 6pm. In the following weeks, you’ll be able to join in for Produce With Me: Milkffish on the 10th of September and Produce With Me: Icevena on 17th of September.

Important Dates:
Thursday, 3rd September, 6pm – Produce With Me: Equalizer 24k
Thursday, 10th September, 6pm – Produce With Me: Milkffish
Thursday, 17th September, 6pm – Produce With Me: Icevena
If you would like more information about Produce With Me, you can get in contact with Leila el Rayes at I.C.E. for more details
Leila el Rayes
Producer, Youth Engagement
[email protected]
02 8821 9174