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Screen Australia – Hot Desk West (ongoing)

Screen Australia is the Federal Government agency charged with supporting Australian screen development, production and promotion. They fund the production of everything from features to documentaries, television drama, children’s programs and online web series.

I.C.E. is continuing the partnership that began in 2016 with Screen Australia to offer free face-to-face meetings with Screen Australia staff at I.C.E. in Parramatta. If you’re a professional or emerging screenwriter, producer or filmmaker working in Western Sydney, you can book a meeting with Screen Australia staff, to build relationships with the agency, get first-hand advice about your projects in development and find out about their funding opportunities and pathways.

“Screen Australia is committed to telling Australian stories and that means ensuring all Australians are represented on screen. Having a Hot Desk at I.C.E. gives us a way of meeting emerging talent through an organisation that is itself a creative hub in the heart in one of the most culturally diverse places in Australia.”

– Justin Donoghue, Development Executive, Screen Australia

2018 Dates:

Wednesday, March 21 – 9am to 5pm | Lisa Duff (Production Investment Team
Wednesday, April 18 – 9am to 5pm | Miranda Culley (Documentary Team)
Wednesday, May 16 – 9am to 5pm | Kelly Vincent (Production Investment Team)
Thursday, June 21 – 9am to 5pm | Justin Donoghue & Donna Chang (Development Team)
Tuesday, August 21 – 9am to 5pm | Lee Naimo (Investment Manager, Online Department) & Alyce Adams (Junior Investment Manager, Online Department)
Monday, November 19 – 9am to 5pm | Ismail Khan (Indigenous Department)

2019 Dates:

Tuesday, August 20 – 9am to 5pm | Nerida Moore & Jenevieve Chang
Wednesday, October 16 – 9am to 5pm | Lee Naimo & Alyce Adams


If you would like more information about Screen Australia – Hot Desk West (ongoing), you can get in contact with Barry Gamba at I.C.E. for more details
Barry Gamba
Producer, Screen Cultures
[email protected]
02 8821 9158