Sydney Science Festival | The Science of Pets & Wildlife (2018) - Information & Cultural Exchange

Sydney Science Festival | The Science of Pets & Wildlife (2018)


The Science of Pets & Wildlife: How Humans and Animals Live Together is a free event running as part of Sydney Science Festival 2018.

WHEN: Saturday 18 August, 2018 | 2pm – 4.30pm
WHERE: Information & Cultural Exchange | 8 Victoria Road, Parramata

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Animal lovers unite to improve the lives of our fuzzy friends – and enrich the lives of people.

Dogs! Cats! Ibis, possums and bats! An afternoon all about our animal companions – pets and wildlife. Why we love them, why they love us, how we can make their lives better, how they make our lives better. Why do we choose some animals to live with us?  Why do some animals choose to live with us?

There will be short talks, time for your questions and a chance to sit down to chat with the researchers and ask about their work.

Meet a dedicated group of animal-loving scientists who are researching our relationships with animals – hear from veterinarians, biologists, animal behaviour specialists, trainers, and people studying urban wildlife.

The guest speakers include Matt Bulbert (Macquarie University animal behaviour researcher), pet experts and practising vets, Tim Pearson, bat (flying fox) researcher and Bat Society volunteer and rescuer, wildlife rescue experts and more.