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Street 2 Studio (2013 – 2015)

Street2Studio is a digital music project providing access to a rehearsal space, mentors and a recording studio.

Artists from around Parramatta can come to write or collaborate with other artists and then record new music. Street2Studio also provides access to industry mentors Chasm, 6PounD, George Tilianakis and Listic. Regulars gain insight into music as an art-form and improve their production techniques.

In May 2015 the Street2Studio artists all performed at Laneway Live in the Darcy Laneway in Parramatta.

Street2Studio wrapped 2015 with a Listening Party that included the launch of the Epic Treo E.P and Gibrillah Shyne and Kahotep’s track ‘Rope of Hope ‘ and its accompanying music video.


Artist Profiles

Lima Peni (aka Listic)

Lima has been a regular on the Sydney underground Hip Hop scene for the last 15 years, Street2Studio is lucky enough to have him as one of our mentors. He shares his technical knowledge of oldschool beatmaking and lyric writing but also his pearls of Hip Hop wisdom.
Recently we sat down and spoke to Listic and he told us a bit about music and his practice:

Alieu Sesay (aka Gibrilah Shyne)

Alieu has been coming to Street2Studio for about 18 months. In this time he has collaborated on several new tracks and even performed a freestyle with Chasm at Good God Small Club. He is a rapper and a poet and is an emerging talent to watch. We had a chat to Gibrilah Shyne and he told us what Hip Hop means to him.

If you would like more information about Street 2 Studio (2013 – 2015), you can get in contact with Christian Tancred at I.C.E. for more details
Christian Tancred
Producer, Community Engagement
[email protected]
02 8821 9169