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Sweet Auburn Tweets (2016)

Sweet Auburn Tweets engaged families who attend the Multicultural Playgroup at Auburn Diversity Services to create a picture book based on the theme of the migration of birds and the symbolic meaning of birds from the participant’s cultural background. The result was a beautiful collection of poems and songs inspired by the families’ own experiences and cultural life.

With the support of artists and facilitators the families created the design components using arts and crafts and learned Photoshop digital skills to assemble their artworks into a picture book.

Sweet Auburn Tweets was printed and launched on the 9th December at ADSi Auburn and distributed to all participants.

Read more here: https://ice.org.au/2016/12/sweet-auburn-tweets/


If you would like more information about Sweet Auburn Tweets (2016), you can get in contact with Yamane Fayed at I.C.E. for more details
Yamane Fayed
Producer, Multicultural Women's Hub
[email protected]
02 8821 9155