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Thoroughfare (2014)

Thoroughfare was a community driven urban rejuvenation project that brought residents and retailers from Good Street, Granville together with emerging ICE Hub creative enterprises, to work collectively and collaboratively in developing the framework and impetus for the Arts led revitalisation of Good Street.

Based in a temporary space on Good St, four Western Sydney artists used their artistic practice to engage with the street’s retail community. The aim was three-fold: provide the artists with a different experience of community engagement, produce and share high quality artistic content with the community, and generate research data for potential projects in the future.

Their resulting works reflected the multi-faceted personality of what looks like an unremarkable retail strip- and the works also went some way towards answering the question, ‘What’s great on Good St ’.

Heidi Axelsen
Hugo Moline
Suzanne Nguyen
Vinh Nguyen