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Writers’ Room Workshops (2017 – 2018)

I.C.E Writers’ Room Workshops provide teams of emerging Western Sydney screenwriters with real-deal experience of developing story material in a full-on writers’ room.

To date, seven original screen story concepts have undergone intensive story development in 2017 Writers’ Room Workshops, with emerging screenwriters working with experienced story producers including Greg Waters, Sue Smith, John Alsop, Darren Ashton, Jessica Redenback and Yingna Lu.

“Any chance for emerging writers to experience a writers’ room and have practice at working collaboratively will do two things,” said story producer/facilitator Greg Waters. “It will improve their work. Plotting a series always benefits from shared voices and collective ideas. Even if the writer chooses a different path that shared input helps shape their ideas and story. It will also improve the writer’s skill set so if an opportunity ever arises for a place in a professional writers’ room, they will feel comfortable and aware of how to work effectively in that environment.”

“It is hard to think of a process that could more quickly and efficiently deliver these outcomes than putting emerging writers in a story room with an experienced story producer.”

If you would like more information about Writers’ Room Workshops (2017 – 2018), you can get in contact with Barry Gamba at I.C.E. for more details
Barry Gamba
Producer, Screen Cultures
[email protected]
02 8821 9158